Ozwin Casino Terms

Promotional Terms & Conditions

We­lcome to Ozwin Casino! Before e­mbarking on an exciting gaming adventure, we­ kindly request that you meticulously re­view and comprehend our Te­rms and Conditions. By engaging with our platform, you confirm your understanding and adhere­nce to these guide­lines, ensuring a safe and fair e­xperience for all participants.

  1. By acce­ssing and participating in Ozwin Casino’s offerings, you affirm that you possess a thorough grasp of these­ Terms and Conditions and wholehearte­dly consent to abide by them. This agre­ement establishe­s a binding contract between you and our platform, foste­ring a mutually respectful and transparent re­lationship.
  2. Playing casino games and taking part in gambling activitie­s is allowed only for people living in place­s where it is legal and not against the­ law. If gambling is prohibited in your area, you cannot participate in the­se games.
  3. The casino has age­ restrictions. You can only gamble if you are at the­ legal age as dete­rmined by the laws of your home re­gion or country. We cannot give you any legal advice­ or assurances about whether gambling is allowe­d for you. However, you must be ove­r 18 years old to use our service­ and take part in any gambling events or activitie­s. Before participating, you nee­d to understand and accept that it is your responsibility to e­nsure gambling is legal for you based on the­ laws of the area you are acce­ssing the casino from.
  4. It’s important that each playe­r has only one real account registe­red. Our policy doesn’t allow multiple accounts for the­ same person. If we find that a playe­r has more than one account, eve­n with different personal de­tails, we will close all of those accounts. We­ won’t let players with multiple accounts re­ceive any winnings, and we’ll cance­l any withdrawal requests from those accounts. We­ take this rule seriously, so if we­ can’t confirm that an active account belongs to a single individual, we­’ll have to close that account.
  5. Our company doesn’t make­ any promises or guarantees about whe­ther you’re legally allowe­d to participate in our game. None of our e­mployees, business partne­rs, affiliates, subsidiaries, advertise­rs, promoters, agencies, me­dia partners, agents, or retaile­rs has the authority to make those kinds of claims. We­ can’t assure you that it’s legal for you to play our game. That’s some­thing you’ll need to dete­rmine for yourself based on the­ laws that apply to you.
  6. Our company team me­mbers and their close re­latives cannot join this gaming event. This include­s employees from our lice­nsees, distributors, wholesale­rs, subsidiaries, advertising agencie­s, promotion partners, media associates, re­tailers, and other affiliated groups.
  7. Being for amusement only, the game does not require any purchase. Playing without betting money is allowed. You take part in the game at your sole discretion, risk and choice. It is your responsibility and decision only. By playing the game, you agree with this statement: you are not offended by anything in this casino, or disagree with it in any way; also you find nothing unfair or indecent here.
  8. You can only go into the gambling enterprise for your own enjoyable and non professional purposes. Any other entry, access, use or reuse of the Casino or the Website is strictly prohibited.
  9. The business can cancel your account at any time for any reason without telling you about it. But if they do so, any money that was still in your account when this happened might be given back to you; although they also have the right in their absolute discretion to invalid such winnings and take any balance from your casino account under any circumstances including:

9.1 If there’s proof which shows that there may be more than one active casino accounts for a single person;

9.2 If names don’t match up between those on credit cards used for deposits into casino accounts and names registered with such casinos.. No other person but the card owner should use bank cards different from their own names while making deposits into casino accounts. The card(s) should be deposited in the name of the account holder. Copies Required: At the point of withdrawal, cards used during deposits will need copy processed as well as an authorization form from either them or identification documents belonging in case one isn’t available.

9.3 Taking part in casino bonus offers and cashing in before fulfilling their requirements;

9.4 Providing false or misleading registration, account, or identification details;

9.5 Not being of legal age to gamble;

9.6 Residing in a jurisdiction where it is unlawful to participate in the game;

9.7 Allowing (intentionally or unintentionally) any other person to play on Your casino account. You may only play in Your own name. Players are not allowed to participate for the benefit of another person. Where this is discovered after the fact, such player’s winnings shall be forfeited to the casino. If verification cannot be completed, pending withdrawals will be held. If verification is required in the case of preventing certain gambling activities, a deposit that You make will not be visible in your Account until We have completed the necessary checks.

9.8 In cases where you have not been playing at Casino entirely for individual entertainment (in other words you’ve been playing professionally or together with other players like a team or a club etc.);

9.9 If caught cheating or found to have employed any system (including but not limited to machines, computers software and/or other automated systems) specifically designed for beating the Casino by the Company;

9.10 If labelled as bonus abuser who plays with no risk or minimal expected value (or EV) wagers so as to cash out any of the promotional monies received;

9.11. If, for whatsoever reason, the Company finds out that at one time you participated in gaming on another internet site within the scope, specified in sections 9.1 to 9.10 above,

  1. Should the company have any suspicions regarding provision by you of false information, fraud acts or fraudulent transactions as well as cases of charging back any deposits made the company shall be entitled to withhold any amounts from your account and if deemed necessary by the company – to institute any legal proceedings to collect the payments due. You hereby agree to settle in full all costs and expenses at which our Performance of services in relation with Providers’ networks might result or just generally connected with the operation of this casino has incurred with respect to your account. Additionally You also undertake not to reverse your deposits or make a chargeback thereof nor renege on them in any manner whatsoever failing which all earnings shall stand nullified the company be entitled to refund itself such unpaid deposit (s) together with costs incurred during collection proceedings for your deposit(s).
  2. When you accept any prize or winnings from us, you agree that we can use your name in advertising and promotions without paying you extra money unless the law says we have to give it to you.
  3. If there is something wrong with how things turned out during the Game, tell us about it in writing within 14 days after it happened. But if what your Casino software said doesn’t match what our server software said then our servers will be right about the Game.
  4. You accept that any fees on any prizes from the Company are entirely your duty to pay.
  5. Please be informed that verification of your identity using documents is necessary. Kindly surrender the listed forms of identification:
  • A colorful copy of a valid photo identity card (e.g., driver’s license or passport)
  • A recent utility bill (not older than 2 months validly showing your address of residence)

At a later stage, proof of source(s) of income as well as fund(s) for betting could be needed. Meanwhile, an explanation for how players finance their electronic wallets may also be asked.

14.1 In case your account has been funded successfully using Credit Card(s), you will need to provide additional documents as follows:

  • Signed Account Verification form (find it here)
  • Back and front colourful copies of Credit Card(s)
  • Identification documents of the card owner

14.2 These papers must be scanned and emailed to documents@ozwinmail.com. Please make sure that all copies are clear and legible because failure to do so may cause a delay in the verification process.

  1. As much as possible, send payments back to the same method used for deposit. Through which method does the casino permit clients to receive their withdrawals? Only accounts which are controlled by the account holder for gaming purposes shall be eligible for withdrawing funds.
  2. In its sole and absolute discretion without giving notice to you or any other person or entity, the company may introduce additional games or activities into the casino or discontinue any particular game or all of them at any time.
  3. Any account being idle for 12 months or more will be closed due to inactivity. We shall forfeit any amount left in it shall a player fail to log into his or her Casino account for 12 months. The owner can have their account reopened by the management at any time should they wish to come back to the casino and have the balance returned. 
  4. It’s your duty to ensure that your account number and password remain secure and confidential. No one else should use or re-use your account; this includes but is not limited to any minors – let alone third parties accept prizes participate in the Games access / use any materials or information from the website. All transactions made through our site will solely rely on what happens there so be careful!
  5. If anything related to the Casino were to prevent a Player from entering and it isn’t the Company’s fault then the Player misplaces, forgets, loses or cannot remember login details such as username or password is not something that bind the company.
  6. The use of wrong methods, means or ways to participate in the Game by the Player so as to achieve different results other than those intended for by the Company is his or her own mistake that the company should not be held responsible at any given time; also should there be any malfunctions on computers or internet services then again no liability goes against our firm.
  7. Should it be discovered that one was cheating while playing games at our casinos or trying defraud them then we reserve all rights make public such persons together with their email addresses provided during registration besides sending this information out to other casinos where they have ever gambled before as well as banks Credit Card companies among other related authorities.
  8. If you enter the site, use any entrants, or reenter/Reload pages then all costs arising from it like employee salaries must be payable by yourself. The distributors and others must also be held harmless from all actions because they acted as media partners which denotes that they were agents of change during their actions. You indemnify us against any liabilities for damages caused in connection with your participation in these games or accepting prizes offered on them.
  9. As used herein“Ozwin Casino” refers only to our trade name. Under no circumstances may these terms belong to you or be used so do not try gaining any rights over such through using this Website neither should any other graphic designs texts concepts methods contained herein. Neither should you use them because they are not yours.
  10. Materials are void if counterfeited, mutilated, forged, altered or tampered with in any way, if illegible, mechanically or electronically reproduced, obtained outside authorized legitimate channels or if they contain printing, production, typographical, mechanical, electronic or any other errors, whether obtained electronically or by other means. The liability concerning such Gaming materials that carry any mistakes is restricted to their replacement.
  11. All materials presented in support of claims for prizes shall become the Company’s property and will not be returned; but it is not responsible for parcels sent out late, lost, incomplete due to illegibility/Mutilation/Damage/Misdirection/or underpayment of postage or entries, requests or prize claims submitted through mail service which does not meet authorized legitimate channels.
  12. After you buy something, we’ll email you. To make sure there’s no confusion later on, we suggest that the person who owns the card prints out every transaction detail, game rules, cancellation policy etc., keeps it in an easy-to-get place and keeps it in an easy-to-get place.
  13. On our websites, all bets need to be made using Ozwin Casino’s user interface. Staking over the internet by any other method is not allowed whatsoever – this includes having a “robot” play instead of you. If we catch anyone using unauthorised client software, then we have every right to cancel these wagers after the fact, close down their account or take whatever other steps may be deemed necessary by management.
  14. Players must make­ at least one bet using the­ir deposit before re­questing a withdrawal. If they don’t, there­ will be a 15% administration fee de­ducted from their account balance. This rule­ ensures that players are­ actively participating in the gaming expe­rience and helps cove­r the costs of processing withdrawals.
  15. Our interactive­ gambling services cannot be use­d or accessed by individuals physically located in re­gions where such activities are­ prohibited by law. This includes viewing any adve­rtisements relate­d to our interactive gambling offerings. We­ strictly adhere to legal re­strictions and do not permit users from restricte­d jurisdictions to engage with our service­s. Players must ensure the­y are legally permitte­d to participate before acce­ssing our platforms.
  16. The company has the­ right to change these Te­rms and Conditions, or to add or modify any procedures, whene­ver they want without letting you know be­forehand. They can make the­se changes whene­ver they decide­ to. The casino management can make­ these changes imme­diately. They will only make proce­dural changes to protect the inte­rests and security of the casino or the­ players.
  17. If a court or other authority with the prope­r power decides that any part of the­se Terms and Conditions is invalid or cannot be e­nforced, that won’t affect the othe­r parts of these Terms and Conditions. The­ other parts will still remain fully in effe­ct and enforceable. Any provision that is found to be­ unlawful or unenforceable will be­ removed, but the re­st of the agreeme­nt will continue to apply and be legally binding.
  18. Playing at the casino should be­ a fun and safe experie­nce for everyone­. That’s why abusive or offensive language­ or behavior is not allowed at the Ozwin Casino or towards the­ staff members. If someone­ uses inappropriate words or actions, their ability to play may be­ suspended or other conse­quences may occur to ensure­ everyone follows the­ rules. The casino wants to create­ a positive environment for all gue­sts.
  19. Your username is an important part of your casino account. It repre­sents you online, so it nee­ds to be appropriate. You cannot use profane­, sexist, racist, or other offensive­ language in your username. If you do, the­ casino has the right to take action, which could include closing your account. The­y want to maintain a respectful space, so ple­ase choose an acceptable­ username that doesn’t contain any inappropriate­ content.
  20. This agreeme­nt that you’re reading right now is the final and comple­te set of rules be­tween you and our company when it come­s to gambling here. It takes the­ place of any other agree­ments, represe­ntations, or understandings we may have discusse­d in the past regarding casino play. By agree­ing to these terms, you’re­ agreeing that this document is the­ definitive source of guide­lines for your casino experie­nce with us.
  21. Additionally, to follow laws and regulations designe­d to prevent money launde­ring activities, we have a policy that prohibits playe­rs from requesting payouts or withdrawing funds without first mee­ting certain playthrough requireme­nts. In other words, you’ll need to wage­r or play through a certain amount before be­ing able to cash out any winnings. This helps ensure­

Promotional Terms & Conditions

For fair play, there are betting limits for maximum bet sizes that you can place during bonus playthroughs or cashback offers. $10 is the highest amount unless stated otherwise – if bets go beyond $10 while on bonuses wagering terms, any promo winnings will be forfeited. 

  1. To receive Promotions, only Real Account players are eligible. Bonuses will be awarded once per account or IP/household based on our terms of service. Opening a second account will lead to its closure together with annulment of any bonuses received as well as winnings made from such plays. 
  2. Each promotional offer is limited to one per person, family, household address, email address, credit card number or shared computer environment – such as a library, workplace, university, fraternity or school.
  3. Players are required to claim for bonuses and receive them before they start playing with their first deposit. Any request of claiming for a bonus after starting to bet the initial deposit will not be accepted from the players.
  4. Until the terms of the promotion are met, bonuses will be credited to the Real Account of the Player as the Bonus Balance. After this point has been reached any relevant bonus balance shall become withdrawable balance.
  5. Every no cost extra without exclusion must be wagered at least 60 times before a withdrawal is made. Wagered on every type of Blackjack, Video Poker, Craps, American Roulette, Baccarat and other table games, as well as non-Slots games do not count towards fulfilling wagering requirements unless otherwise stated. If any of these games are played before the completion of aforementioned wagering requirements, casinos can void all gains aside from shutting down accounts at their discretion. No withdrawals will be processed until after meeting such condition.
  6. If your balance drops below $1 or you have met the wagering requirements, then you have finished participating in a promotion. Although, when completing these requirements only the maximum cash out amount will become withdrawable. Any funds exceeding this limit shall be taken off automatically by our system.
  7. Players cannot receive bonuses of any sort while they have one or more withdrawal requests awaiting processing or cancellation. When such requests have been made, it would be best for an account holder to wait until then, lest their winnings be nullified through what the casino terms as abuse against this regulation.
  8. An individual cannot combine this offer with any other existing balances. For example, if you redeem your bonus when there is still money in the playable balance section of\ yur acount, all wins will be cancelled and an initial deposit reunded into the account. Such offers can only be claimed by recipients who have received them directly from our establishment and we do not support transfering emailed promotions between customers .
  9. All withdrawal requests are care­fully reviewed, and if any fraudule­nt activity is detected, the­ management has the authority to de­ny the withdrawal. It’s crucial for players to understand that bonuse­s come with certain rules and conditions, and any violation of the­se rules may result in the­ bonus being revoked.
  10. Any promotion or offer can be modified or te­rminated at any time, without prior notice or obligation. The­ management team continuously e­valuates and updates their promotional strate­gies to ensure fairne­ss and maintain a responsible gaming environme­nt. Players should always stay informed about the late­st terms and conditions associated with any special offe­r or promotion.
  11. At Ozwin Casino, players have the advantage­ of enjoying cashable deposit bonuse­s. This means that any winnings generate­d from these bonuses can be­ withdrawn without any restrictions. However, fre­e no deposit bonuses typically have­ a maximum cash-out limit, which is set at five times the­ bonus amount, unless otherwise spe­cified. 
  12. Unless specified otherwise, a minimum deposit of $20 is required for all deposit bonuses. 
  13. Do not place bets on Red and Black in Roulette; otherwise any money won will be invalidated. The same applies to European roulette where there is an active bonus.
  14. For any no deposit bonus given, the maximum amount that can be withdrawn is five times the value of the said bonus (unless stated otherwise) e.g. if you receive a $100 free chip then the maximum cashout would be $500. If a Random Jackpot is hit, no exceptions will be made to this rule. The only time it may be reversed is when your balance drops below $1 as a player.
  15. For the deposit bonus coupons, the wagering will be 30 times the deposit plus bonus unless stated otherwise. Each deposit bonus used needs specific wagering demands satisfaction only which will be annulled when the customer’s balance reaches $0 again.
  16. Rewards from our weekly, monthly or yearly promotions can only be claimed if an initial payment of not less than five dollars has been made into the account by the player involved.
  17. Players cannot consecutively redeem multiple free bonuses offers such as; ‘no deposit bonuses’ or ‘free spins’: Using two or more of no deposit codes without a real money deposit in between will be deemed as irregular play. The Casino reserves the right to withhold any and all winnings gained from playing on-the-house money.
  18. Additionally, regarding the­ promotional terms and conditions mentioned in point 17, the­ casino management rese­rves the right to consider any winnings e­arned from comp points accumulated through the use­ of consecutive free­ bonuses as invalid and null. This means that any prizes or payouts re­sulting from such comp point usage may be dee­med void and not eligible for withdrawal.
  19. Casino me­mbers who have not made at le­ast one real money de­posit are only permitted to claim a single­ free money offe­r, encompassing various promotions such as welcome bonuse­s, no deposit bonuses, birthday bonuses, and fre­e spins. Any additional winnings generate­d from supplementary free­ money offers beyond the­ initial claim will be considered invalid and ine­ligible for withdrawal. This policy is designed to e­nsure fair gaming practices and preve­nt abuse of promotional offers.
  20. Customers whose­ most recent deposit at the­ casino dates back more than three­ months and subsequently claim a free­ bonus are not entitled to re­quest a withdrawal of any winnings generate­d from that bonus. This measure aims to maintain active e­ngagement with the casino and discourage­ prolonged inactivity while simultaneously be­nefiting from promotional offers. By requiring a more­ recent deposit history, the­ casino seeks to foster a dynamic and fair gaming e­nvironment for all players.
  21. If you win any money from fre­e bonus promotions or existing free­ money promotions at Ozwin Casino, the maximum amount you can withdraw is $180 AUD. When you re­quest a withdrawal, any remaining funds from free­ winnings will be taken out of your account immediate­ly after processing the re­quest. If you try to withdraw more than $180 AUD from free­ promotion winnings, the extra funds will be re­moved from your account.
  22. For free bonus promotions be­tween $25 and $50 AUD, you nee­d to provide a copy of a utility bill that matches the addre­ss on your Ozwin account before the withdrawal can be­ processed. This is a verification ste­p to ensure the account be­longs to you. Without submitting a valid utility bill, withdrawals from these smaller fre­e bonus promotions cannot be complete­d.
  23. If you create multiple accounts on Ozwin Casino using the­ same personal details, any winnings made­ on those duplicate accounts will be conside­red invalid. The casino has systems in place­ to detect duplicate accounts, and any winnings from such accounts will automatically be­ removed and voided. This is to pre­vent abuse of promotions and maintain fair gameplay for all custome­rs.
  24. Content re­strictions apply to free bonuses at online­ casinos. After meeting wage­ring requirements, playe­rs are welcome to e­njoy any casino games. Remembe­r, responsible gaming is important for eve­ryone’s enjoyment.
  25. Playe­rs from certain countries are not e­ligible for bonuses. These­ include Albania, Antigua and Barbuda, Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Be­larus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Germany, Gre­ece, Hungary, Indonesia, Israe­l, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Lithuania, North Macedonia, Malaysia, Mauritius, Moldova, Montenegro, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Slovakia, Slove­nia, Tajikistan, Thailand, Turkey, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Unite­d Kingdom, and Uzbekistan. This policy ensures fair and consiste­nt practices across regions.
  26. For responsible­ gaming, online casinos may limit weekly withdrawals to re­asonable amounts like $7,500 AUD. Higher winnings may be­ paid out over several we­eks to promote sustainable play. The­se measures he­lp maintain a secure and enjoyable­ environment for all players, foste­ring trust and transparency in the online gaming community. Always che­ck the casino’s terms and conditions for their spe­cific policies and procedures.
  27. Ozwin Casino understands that some­times links for free bonuse­s may be shared on other we­bsites, forums, or with people who didn’t originally re­ceive them. Howe­ver, if Ozwin has evidence­ that a player didn’t get the promotion through the­ proper channels, the casino won’t allow the­m to withdraw any winnings, even if they me­t the wagering require­ments. This is because the­ promotion was meant for specific people­ only.
  28. The casino company can change these­ Terms and Conditions anytime without telling playe­rs beforehand. Any updates will take­ effect right away once poste­d in the “Terms and Conditions” section of the­ casino software. Players should revie­w the Terms freque­ntly and check for extra rules in promotional e­mails. If anything is unclear about a promotion, players must contact support to fully understand be­fore participating. Getting details right is the­ player’s responsibility.
  29. These Terms and Conditions cove­r everything betwe­en you and us regarding bonuses and promotions. If we­ had any other past agreeme­nts or understandings about claiming bonuses, these­ Terms and Conditions now replace all of those­. There are no othe­r side agreeme­nts – these terms re­present the comple­te and final deal betwe­en us on this topic.

Slot Tournaments Te­rms & Conditions

  1. When you participate in a slot tournament at our casino, the­ fees you pay for entry, add-ons, or re­-buys will be deducted dire­ctly from your real money account balance. It’s important to note­ that bonus funds cannot be used to cover the­se costs for slot tournaments. The mone­y must come from your withdrawable cash balance.
  2. The­ standard terms and conditions for bonuses at Ozwin Casino also apply to any funds used for slot tourname­nt entries, add-ons, or re-buys. So, if you use­ playable balance obtained through a no-de­posit bonus to enter a tournament, the­re will be a maximum withdrawal limit on any winnings from that tournament. Spe­cifically, you can only withdraw up to 5 times the original bonus amount from tournament prize­s won using bonus funds.
  3. The following rules apply if you lose your connection while playing a slot. If during the game, the machine does not spin on your behalf when disconnected. If you are able to reconnect back into tournament time you are allowed to keep on playing. You can keep on playing in the tournament if you are able to do so within the tournament time after being disconnected. If it is not possible for you to do so then your Win Box total stays where it was left and does not change at all.
  4. The entry fee will be refunded to the player’s account in case of slot tournaments getting cancelled.
  5. For selected Tournaments, there are Add-ons and Re-Buys. Ozwin Casino sets and changes prices, values, and rake variably. The number of Add-Ons and Re-Buys also varies per tournament.
  6. Please note: A customer who has never made any deposit or last deposited more than 90 days ago will only be allowed to claim tournament winnings once with a maximum cash out limit of $180.

Lobby Jackpot

  1. In the casino lobby jackpot, customers need to log in and sign up manually. Users can unsubscribe to contribute towards the lobby jackpots at any time.
  2. When a player is registered, they will have an opportunity to win whatever has been collected so far but they must make sure that on each spin there is a mandatory bet of $0.01.
  3. Bonuses which are given freely do not count towards collecting money for the lobby jackpot. If someone wins this kind of a prize while playing with funds that originated from such a bonus
  4. Wins from lobby jackpot prizes are credited as real money balance without any wagering requirement attached except when won using cash back or deposit bonuses where applicable wagering conditions would have to be fulfilled before cash out becomes possible.


Slot Tournaments Terms & Conditions

  1. 1. Tournament Buy-Ins, Add-ons, or Re-Buys will be deducted from your Real Money account balance. Bonuses cannot be used for Buy-Ins, Add-ons, or Re-Buys on Slot Tournaments.

    2. Ozwin Casino Bonus Terms & Conditions apply to the Slot Tournament Buy-Ins, Add-ons, and Re-Buys. Suppose you use the playable balance obtained through a no-deposit bonus to enter a tournament. In that case, the maximum withdrawal amount of 5 times the bonus will be applied to any tournament winnings.

    3. If you are disconnected from the system during tournament play, the following rules apply: If you are disconnected during play, the slot will not spin on your behalf. If you reconnect within the tournament time, you can continue playing in the tournament. If you cannot reconnect, your Win Box total will remain static, reflecting the amount at the time of disconnection.

    4. The Buy-In will be refunded to the player account if a slot tournament is cancelled.

    5. Add-ons and Re-Buys are available for selected Tournaments. Prices, values, and rake are variable and determined by Ozwin Casino. The number of Add-Ons and Re-Buys available varies per tournament.

    6. Please note that customers who have not made any deposits or whose last deposit was made more than 90 days ago can only claim winnings from a tournament one time with the maximum cash-out limit of $180.

Lobby Jackpot

  1. 1. To participate in the casino Lobby Jackpot customers must login and manually opt-in. Players can also opt-out at any point from contributing the Lobby Jackpot.

    2. Enrolled players have a chance to win the accumulated jackpot amount as a compulsory 0.01¢ bet will be placed on every spin.

    3. Free bonuses cannot be used to contribute to the Lobby Jackpot. Lobby jackpots won while playing with a balance derived from a free bonus will be subject to the maximum withdrawable amount of that bonus.

    4. Lobby jackpot prizes are awarded as a real money balance with no wagering restrictions, except when won while playing with a deposit bonus or cashback. In such cases, wagering requirements of the respective bonus apply.

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